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Hi, my name is Taryn and I would love to tell your story!

Photography to me is not just about pretty pictures.  It's not just about angles and lighting.  It's about telling the story of our experience, of the details of the environment interacting with you

I want to provide you with an experience that is easy and enjoyable and subsequently a beautiful set of photos that tell the incredible story of the love and relationships that exist between you and the other important people in your images.  

If you want a better idea of what I am talking about, check out these blog entries: 

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Goli & Amin | Sombrio Beach Engagement Session

Rae and Kris | Goldstream Intimate Wedding

Embracing the Storm | Piper's Lagoon Boudoir

I have been in love with photography since I was a young child. I used to get my mom to buy my disposable cameras when I was still in elementary school so I could take pictures of flowers and my teddy bears. When I got old enough to finally afford my own, real camera, I would take it everywhere with me, photographing pine cones, flowers, waves- any weird little thing that caught my eye.  As my photography skills developed, so did my love for photographing people (especially in the natural environment), and so here we are! Photographing people in love through weddings and engagements, creating a space for women to learn to love themselves more through empowerment photography and creating weird projects and portraits through my camera lens. 


If you want honesty and photos that accurately portray your personality, your heart, your soul, and the heart and soul of those you love, let’s chat.

If you like adventure, getting out into nature, connecting more deeply to yourself and the world and people around you, I just might be your gal!

My name is Taryn Pickard and I have an intense passion for helping people connect to themselves and nature. I love to do this through my photography and my everyday life. If you are the person who loves to get outside and do awesome stuff, or you simply want to try it out and want some gorgeous photos to complement the experience, let me know! I would love to join you as the one to capture those moments for you in a timeless fashion :)


Other random facts about me:

  • My family consists of my husband and I, our doggo and kitty. 

  • I'm a self proclaimed weirdo.  The world has also proclaimed that to me, but I embrace it whole heartedly.

  • I have a degree in Geography w/ a focus in Urban Planning as well as my Yoga Teacher Training 200, my Reiki Level 2 training and a welding ticket. 

  • My hubby and I are currently living on our sailboat on Vancouver Island and absolutely love to be out exploring on the water!  You can follow our adventures on YouTube if you are interested in learning more about that lifestyle.  

  • I love any excuse to travel. In fact, it is probably the only thing I think about as often as photography :D 

Family portrait
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