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Adventure Sessions

Adventure sessions are lovely.  Whether you and your loved on are married, engaged, just dating, or celebrating your beautiful family, adventure sessions are the perfect opportunity to adventure together and capture your beautiful love at the same time.  

TLC Says not to go chasing waterfalls, but....


Adventure sessions are bit different than your traditional portrait session. Instead of spending an hour posing in one location, we go on an adventure through nature. The photos you receive are a mix of emotional, romantic images, landscape photos and detail shots that altogether tell the story of our adventure.  


Sometimes these sessions involve a hike, sometimes a nice walk on the beach and other times a trip through a park.  


I can choose our location and time of the session, or we can go to a location that has meaning to you and your loved one(s).  

If you have booked a wedding with me, your complimentary engagement session is also the perfect chance for us to get to know each other and to take pressure off of our first real interaction being on your wedding day.  The less stress on your big day the better! 

To check out some adventure sessions in more depth, please check the blog posts below! 

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Adventure Stories

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