I don't take the incredible privilege of doing boudoir photography lightly. It never escapes me that choosing to take off your clothing in front of someone you don't know well (or even someone you do know well) can make even the most confident of people feel incredibly vulnerable.  I feel like having the chance to witness people in that vulnerability and capture it, along with their physical and inner beauty on camera, is an honor that I do not take for granted. 

Boudoir can be an incredibly empowering experience, especially for women.  Mainstream media tells us every day that we must constantly strive to be perfect and we must hate all the things about ourselves that don't fit the status quo. But most of us will never fit that status quo, and quite frankly the status quo is bullshit.  What isn't bullshit is taking the time to love and appreciate your body as it is. Your body, no matter how far it is from "perfect" deserves to be appreciated and seen for the beautiful gift that it is.  Boudoir is a great way to see that beauty and it is my goal with every photo I take to help you see it. 

I specialize in outdoor boudoir.  What can be more beautiful than woman and nature connecting? We choose a location that suits your personality or desire for your shoot (I have lotsa private locations ;) ) and we spend a period of time connecting to the elements and learning about the incredible woman that you are in the process.  

I also offer limited indoor sessions in your home or in my studio and certain times of the year.  Please inquire for further details.  

Please check out the "boudoir" tag on the blog to see more examples of beautiful ladies taking part in boudoir <3 

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Just had my session with Taryn Pickard (Innocent Thunder Photography) for the boudoir shoot! What a blast.   At first I thought I was going to do this photo shoot for my hubby, but I.m realizing more that this was totally for me!! This is one of those thing you will be so glad you did in your life."

Coral | Mom & All-Around Creative Human

“Taryn is an inspirational photographer with an amazing eye for detail who can locate the beauty in any given environment. She is also down to earth and authentic, allowing anyone and everyone to relax in front of the camera. Totally recommend her services for any style of photoshoot, personal or business!"

Camilla | Word Magician & Yogini

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