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Elopements are often my favourite kind of nuptials to photograph.  Not only are elopements most often more intimate than a regular wedding, but they give couples a chance to really connect with one another and be present with the decision they are making, in the moment, in a way that a large wedding doesn't allow for.  

Elopements usually involve the couple getting hitched + celebrant/ officiant and often two witnesses.    There are countless ways to personalize this experience though, from choosing to find a secluded and romantic place to read each other your vows, to planning a small picnic for you and a great of your closest friends where you casually say "I do." 

Elopements also typically leaves more room for capturing images of intimate moments, which I obviously love.  The awesome sweet, loving and emotional moments that I often capture during an engagement session are so much easier to coax out of a couple during an elopement than they are during a wedding (cuz an elopement is just so much more laid back!).

If you would like to know more about elopements, how much they cost, the bonuses that come along with hiring me as your elopement photographer, or anything else along those lines, please feel free to send me a message! 

Although I mostly service Vancouver Island and Ireland, I am also willing to travel almost anywhere in the world for your amazing day!


Elopement Stories

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