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Photography on Your Wedding Day

I'm so excited you're here checking out my work and thinking about hiring me to capture the important moments on your big day! Being chosen to photograph weddings is a huge honour for me, and I don't take that honour lightly.  So, to ensure that you get what you want out of the day, and that I have communicated the type of photographer I am effectively, I decided to write out what my process looks like on an average wedding day.  Hopefully reading this will help to give you a better idea of what to expect from me and help to put your mind at ease a little bit on your big day!

Let's start by talking about how I operate when I'm shooting.  


I'm naturally pretty easy going and I love to observe things as they are naturally.  This very much translates into my photographs.  I find that the most beautiful photos I can capture of couples happen when they are being natural with one another.  I like to kinda be like that fly on the wall, observing and capturing sneaky photos of amazing things happening when you least expect it.  I also love detail shots. I try to capture as many of them as I can.  

With that being said, I am also great and directing people so we can get the shots that we want when we want posed shots.  So here is an general outline of how the average wedding day unfolds and what you can expect for each portion of your big day!

An Average Wedding Day

I show up in the last hour or so of make-up and hair.  I wander around capturing candid photos of the awesomeness going on. If the guys are nearby, or if you have hired a second shooter for their details, the same process will be happening for them as well. Once you are ready to put on the dress, I will suggest the spot I think will have the best lighting and then the rest will unfold organically and beautifully.  My assistant will also be on hand to help you out with the final details of tying bows or pinning things if need be.  She's a seamstress and is amazing and these kinds of things.

Once you are all ready and looking like the beautiful bride that you are, and your groom is looking dapper as well, we will move on to either the ceremony or first look.  If you have decided to do a first look you can leave this up to me to direct, or we can follow your dream idea for a first look.   

If you aren't doing a first look, then it's time for the ceremony.  I don't do any directing during the ceremony.  I'm just there to capture the organic and magical moments that unfold- and there will be plenty of them to be captured.

Right after the ceremony is when we do family photos.  You will have provided me with a list of photos that you want captured during this time and we will start with the largest shot and break things down from there.  We do family photos right after the ceremony so that we can make sure that everyone is still around and uncle Bob doesn't somehow wander off and miss his chance to be in your photos.  I am 100% hands on here, directing, reminding people to take off their sun glasses, using my assistant to distract kids in the direction of the camera.

Once family photos are done, it's time for photos with the wedding party and bride and groom photos.  We will go off to some beautiful location away from your wedding guests. These photos are generally a mix of posed and candid shots.  I greatly prefer to take classic and timeless bridal party portraits.  These are the kinds of photos that your grandkids will look at and want to emulate 60 years from now.  I will also grab some photos of the bride & groom alone.  This is where we get those awesome shots of personal connection between you and your groom.  I will also grab some more detail shots here if we missed those earlier on in the day.  

Next we will move on to your reception.  Here, my assistant and I will eat when you eat.  Other than that I will be wandering around capturing candid moments until our night is over! 

When you receive your final photos, you can expect to see lots of detail and candid shots, beautiful and classic shots of you and your partner, bridal party (if you have one!), and your family.  Your photos will tell the story of your incredible day from beginning to end, capturing the beauty in the small and large moments.  

Things I don't do:

- Photoshopping your arms to look smaller. Or anything for that matter.

- Removing tan lines in every photo.  If you have a strapless dress, I highly recommend avoiding tanning with straps as much as possible.

- Cringe and bite my tongue with hammered, abusive groomsman.  If one of your guys calls me a bitch, he's gonna get told.

Things I am particularly awesome at:

- Getting groups to look at and pay attention to the camera.

- Perfectly fitting you and your loved ones into the forest and the water to make amazing nature - human photos.

- Capturing how beautiful your love is, naturally.

- Being easy going and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

- I'm also hilarious. Be prepared for lotsa silly jokes and laughing lots.  

Well, now that we've gotten through that, if my style sounds like something that would suite your big day I would LOVE to hear from you! Send me a message with some details, such as which day your wedding is going to be on, where you are getting married, and how you see things unfolding and then we can chat more <3 

- Taryn 

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