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Sybil | Rainforest Yoga & Boudoir Magic

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Ok, so, in case you haven't caught on yet, I kinda like rainforests. Like, kinda a lot. Rainforests mixed with moving water might be my favourite thing. And photographing people in rainforests with water might be my other favourite thing. There's a clear theme here.

So a while ago, Sybil found this awesome old/ second growth spot with an incredible little creek, some awesome boulders and of course old growth and moss everywhere. I started dreaming of taking some photos here in the last couple of weeks and Sybil was full game for getting cold on the earth, like always. Thank you Sybil for being so badass! It was like maybe 10 degrees outside and raining...


#rainforest #creek #model #boudoir #outdoorboudoir #yoga #dancerspose #crescentmoonlunge #treepose

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