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4 Reasons Why Boudoir is For You

I have a lot of conversations with women about boudoir. A lot of them are super pumped on it (for obvious reasons), but many women feel like they are either not in good enough shape, or too old, or just not confident enough. These to me are all awesome reasons to do boudoir! Boudoir is not just about making pretty pictures. Boudoir is an act of self love. Here are the top 4 reasons that I feel every woman should jump in front of the camera of a professional boudoir photographer.

boudoir, Vancouver Island

1) Boudoir is Empowering

I remember reading a forum a few months ago, and there was a discussion going on about boudoir and its purpose. A man and a woman were discussing what boudoir was to women and whether it was empowering or not. The main claimed that boudoir was many things, but empowering, he said, was not one of them. I couldn't help but jump in and argue with him. Boudoir is incredibly empowering. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of an imaginary perfection and told that anything less isn't good enough, stepping in front of the camera and bearing your imperfections is an act of defiance and empowerment. It is saying f*ck the norms- you are beautiful and worth just the way you, and that deserves to be recognized.

2) You deserve to be appreciated, regardless of which stage you feel your body is in.

I can't count the number of times I have heard women say, "I wish I had known how beautiful I was when I was younger," or, "I wish I would have appreciated myself more." I am for sure one of those women. I look back at my pictures from when I was younger- when I used to pick myself apart and judge my perceived imperfections- and all I see is youth, excitement for life, and beauty. I look back on those pictures and I wish I could have seen then what I see now, but every time I take a photo of myself at this stage, I remind myself to enjoy what I have now because in 10 years I will look back and wish that I had. You can give yourself that gift too, regardless of how you feel your body looks or should look. If you are working toward being a smaller size or different shape, having photos taken now will remind you later that you are beautiful even when you aren't perfect. If you just feel like you are getting older, having photos taken now will give you a chance to see how beautiful you are, even if you feel like you aren't at your best. You will thank yourself for it. Your self NOW deserves to be appreciated.

boudoir, Vancouver Island

3) You will feel sexier and more present in your body.

Much like the first two points, boudoir gives you permission to really enjoy being in your own skin. It gives you permission (along with me of course) to play around and feel what it feels like to be fabulous you in a safe environment. Just leave the directing and posing to me!

4) It's Fun!!

Just as important as all of these things, boudoir is FUN! We spend most of the time joking around, laughing, telling stories, and you know, modeling. It's a gift to yourself and it should feel that way. My boudoir studio is not a serious place. It is a place to play around, have fun, and discover something new and awesome about yourself and the amazing woman that you are! You are also more than welcome to bring a female friend along with you for encouragement. She will probably add to the fun of the experience ;)

boudoir, Vancouver Island

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