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Embracing the Storm | Piper's Lagoon, Nanaimo Boudoir

What are photos if not a visual story? The movement, the environment, the people and place and animals- they all give us a sneak peek into a moment in time- an experience, a bit of information. Melissa helped me to tell part of a story that I have been wanting to tell for a long time. This story involves softness on the edge of a storm. It speaks of movement within stillness. Stepping softly, but with purpose and understanding how incredible that really is. At least that is what I feel and what I see.

Hair: Kylie @ Hey Beautiful Nanaimo

Make-Up: Anita @ MAC Nanaimo

#boudoir #boudoirphotography #vancouverislandboudoirphotograpy #parksvilleboudoirphotography #qualicumbeachboudoirphotography

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