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Highlights of 2017 | Weddings

So I decided to do something a little different this year for my end of year blogs. This year was a big one for me. It was my first year as a "full time" photographer and I learned so much, got to try out so many incredible things and met so many amazing people. I want to showcase and recap in a way that showcases the life growth that this year has brought instead of just showcasing my "best" photos of the year. These are all photos that I am proud of and excited about even if they may not be the photos that are the very most exciting. They all represent incredible moments that happened throughout the year and things that I am proud of.

So here are my 7 highlights for the year with many more than 7 photos :)

1) Shooting in the Rain!! Shooting in the rain sounds like it should be a disaster, but I had so much fun this year with the three engagement sessions I had in the rain- one in Kelowna and one at Englishman River Falls and one at Lake Cowichan (all also happened to be hiking sessions :D ) .

2) Photographing Weddings in the Forest <3

I mean, this is probably pretty straight forward, but forests and beautiful couples <3 <3 <3 <3 If all of my weddings in 2018 and 2019 were in forests I would not be disappointed.

3) Alberta sunsets. So I lived in Alberta for years before I was into photography and somehow didn't manage to watch many sunsets. If I had caught a few more before this year I might have enjoyed Alberta a lot more!

4) Mountain Photos! This year I photographed my first mountain wedding and it was incredible! There's just nothing that can beat the Rocky Mountains and I would LOVE to spend a lot more time there!

5) In the Water!! I had a couple of couples that were not shy about getting wet in the ocean. This made my job even more fun than it already was and made for some awesome photos as well :D

6) Using ambient light for magical photos. On Vancouver Island we get a lot of cloudy days which often makes for less depth in photos than I would often like, so this year I challenged myself to make more use of those little pockets of light contrast that we may be able to find.

6) A Winter Wedding :D This year I had the pleasure of photographing my first wedding in the snow and it did not disappoint! Mount Washington was beautiful, as was the couple and their family. As someone who is always cold, I was enjoying shooting this wedding so much that I didn't even notice the below zero temperatures, and that says a lot!

7) Last but definitely NOT least- Hiking Engagement Sessions! I loovvveee hiking and can't even express how excited it makes me to get a couple out into the wilderness on a hike with me. It's a great way for us all to get to know one another and makes for some amazing photos. I would love to do more hiking for weddings or elopements, but hopefully next year will bring some of that my way!

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