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Highlights of 2017 | Boudoir & Empowerment Portraits

Just like with my wedding highlights, I am highlighting my boudoir and empowerment portraits from this year in a way that is different than tradition. So here are my top session highlights for boudoir and empowerment sessions in 2017. Please feel free to check out other boudoir blog posts if you would like to see more of any of these sessions!

1) Forest Boudoir. I feel like these images speak for themselves, so.... haha. Connecting to the forest and nature in general is something that just seems so natural to me, just like being a woman and celebrating sexuality as a woman. I loved my ladies this year who were willing to get out into the forest and connect their skin to some moss or dirt.

2) Studio Boudoir. This year was my first year with a boudoir studio! I converted one of my spare bedrooms into my studio and brought so many beautiful women into that space. This year is going to bring even more awesome things as I change up what I had for decor this year!

3) Storytelling boudoir sessions. Ok, these are some of my favs. They always invlove some sort of forest or ocean and tell a powerful story about what it means to be a woman connecting to herself and the world around her. I can't wait to do more sessions like this next year!

4) Empowerment Sessions. Connecting women to themselves and showing them how beautiful they are, for themselves, is what I'm all about. I had the pleasure of photographing more than one single lady this year and showing them how amazing, powerful and deserving of self love they are! This job is amazing <3

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