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Yabut 50 Anniversary | Ucluelet Vow Renewal

Sometimes doing this job means I get to meet really incredible people; people whose strengths make every one of my complaints looks like wastes of time. The Yabuts are some of those people. 50 years after getting married these two were still very obviously in love and blessed to be surrounded by family and friends as they renewed their vows. The Yabuts moved to Canada with their young children and lived in one of the coldest and least hospitable parts of the world after leaving the Philippines. It's hard to imagine the amount of strength and tenacity it takes to move across the world and build yourself a new life in an environment that is so different from the one you were born in and then to successfully raise a family and keep a marriage together for 50 years. These two seriously deserve some sort of hero cookie, but I suppose this celebrations was a type of hero cookie.

I say this over and over again, but being a part of days like these is such a blessing. I felt honored to be a part of this amazing day and so thankful that their daughter, my friend, Eder, asked me to photograph this important day for her parents. I wish you two another 50 years of incredible happiness <3

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