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Sidney & Natalie | Cathedral Grove Forest Wedding

Ok, so, old growth, wedding, people who love hiking like I love hiking. Yep. it is a dream the way it sounds like it is a dream. Oh, AND they had a quiet elvish theme going on. Like really, could a wedding be any more perfect than that?

These two met when Natalie came to Canada from Germany as a wwoofer on Sid's family's farm. It wasn't very long after that the two of them realized that they had something special and that Natalie was pretty excited about the prospect of becoming a more permanent part of Canadian culture.

Sid had a tooth infection that started a couple of days before the wedding, but he rocked it like a champ and still had an amazing time.

And, just to reiterate, forest weddings = winning.

Just in case you didn't know ;) haha

Venues: Cathedral Grove & Errington War Memorial

Sidney's Suit: Le Chateau

Elven Jewels: Muse Suite

Second Shooter: My awesome husband, Logan <3

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