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Thank You! | Assistant Appreciation

I take every wedding that I shoot very seriously. I understand that for most people, their wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and it's a big freaking deal. So much time, effort, money and stress goes into planning a wedding or elopement, and I greatly take that into consideration when I photograph each wedding.

Because of how seriously I take wedding days, I also take choosing assistants and second shooters very seriously. I choose people that I know I am going to be able to do my job with, without conflict. I choose people who I know are going to be fun for me and the couple to be around, and possibly most importantly, who will bring me water when I need to hydrate (haha ;) ) .

My assistants make shooting weddings a million times easier for me, as I can just focus on capturing all of the little important moments that happen throughout the day without passing out from hunger or dehydration. My second shooters do this, plus help me to capture even more of those intimate and important moments when I miss them.

So here is a big thank you to all the wonderful people who helped to make my job easier this year!

Coral: The lovely lady who is the best support a girl could ask for. With me since my first wedding, she is loved by every couple and is great at keeping me fed. She has moved onto her own amazing things, teaching pole dancing as Vancouver Island Inverted Vixens. Check her out for a great workout and to spend time with some amazing and supportive ladies!

Natalie: My best adventure friend, who is always up for anything and makes every adventure that much more enjoyable! She also did an amazing job of keeping me fed and hydrated, along with taking awesome candid photos and adding an extra bit of fun to every shoot. She is also an amazing organic farmer at Foster's Farm in Hilliers. You can purchase their produce at the Qualicum Farmer's Market or Craig St Market in the summer time!

Logan: My partner in marriage, adventure and also a fantastic support at every wedding he is apart of. Not only does he take great photos, but he also keeps me fed, hydrated, and is a great sounding board for any issues I might be having throughout the day.

Jacquie: Jacquie sent me a random message on Instagram one day asking if I needed any assistants for weddings. She is a photography student and wanted to get some experience in the photo biz world. She was great for bouncing creative ideas off of, took awesome photos and, again, made sure I was hydrated :D You can check out her art on her Instagram @jacquiebirrday

Alex: One of my favourite people to make inappropriate jokes with, super fun to be around (and have feed and hydrate me), and she also takes amazing photos!! If you are looking for studio styled photos, I highly recommend checking out her work at Time + Tide Photography

Deanna: My seestor, and one of the few people who doesn't mind taking an entire day and a half to drive over to the west coast just to follow me around for a few hours with my camera bags :D We camped out the night before Alex and Rachael's wedding in the back of my 4runner and then shot the wedding the next day. Thanks for the fun, laughs and for keeping me awake on the drive home!

Mallory: My favourite twerk buddy and a great partner in crime. Mallory assisted me with one local wedding and also helped to support older wedding guests on their way back to the reception venue. As well as keeping me hydrated and helping to organize people for photos.

Thank you to all of you lovely people! I couldn't have pulled this year off without you <3

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