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Camilla in the Green | Outdoor Boudoir

I'm not going to lie. I missing spring. And along with that missing spring, I'm also planting seeds for the next year. Last year I focused a ton on weddings, and although I am still keeping that focus, I also want to focus on empowering women (and men if they're interested), not only through photographs of themselves, but also through encouraging self-love practices and showing people safe spaces for understanding themselves more deeply.

In the next month, I will be announcing a few new things I am doing, so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested!

So now about these photos: Camilla is one of my favourite and always most willing models. She came to hang out with me in my back yard in June last year to take some pictures in the beautiful, long, spring grass and to showcase some of my boudoir wardrobe. Each of the pieces she is wearing in this shoot are available for boudoir clients.

To book your own session, please feel free to send an email or Facebook message!

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