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Glendalough In the Wind | Glendalough Elopement

So for the last few weeks this winter, Ireland had spring weather. The weather was dead calm with almost no rain and no wind. It was so calm and warm that people had been talking about how much it worries them to see the weather so different than usual. The month before that though, it rained every day (not exaggerating) and the wind blew like crazy every day too. I was starting to think at that point that the entire Irish winter was going to be one endless wind storm.

So the day this session happened, the wind and rain finally returned. I was actually really excited to get some of that Irish winter weather again! Although we almost fell over a few times and they couldn't hear me yelling directions at them, even though I was screaming at the top of my lungs, it was perfect. The movement, the laughter, the pelty little raindrops- I wouldn't have it any other way.

This was also my last session this visit, but I am still booking Irish elopements and weddings for 2019! I even have a visa to legally work in the country ;) So if you are planning on visiting Ireland for the purpose of legally solidifying your love, I would love to be included!

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