• Taryn Pickard

Into the Forest | Creative Portrait Session

There is something about the forest that always calls.

Something, that no matter how dark the trees may be, or what whispers are heard of the danger,

The steps into the darkness always seem worth the risk.

The silence of the woods overtakes us and brings peace where once there was unrest.

The dampness creeps into our bones, but instead of chilling us, it enlivens us,

breathing into us a life much deeper and fuller than our existence knew before.

Within the confines of the branches, we find freedom.

Within the boughs of the cedar, we find healing.

This is home like no other.

This is life,




I sit here consuming windchill and coffee

and envision a meadow still

drunk off dew yet


here I stumble from a sleeping old growth forest

the music of march

the promise of life


as the silhouette who has fallen out of bed

must adjust to the sun

so I dream

- Camilla Arnold

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