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A Doggo and His Humans Elope | Tigh Na Mara Elopement

Image you are a cute doggo named Pepperoni. One day your human mom and dad tell you that you're heading to Vancouver Island to go to a beach, and they're gonna tell each other that they love each other long time, and you're like, "AWESOME! SO MANY THINGS TO SNIFF!"

That's pretty much the story of this lil guy and his hoomans. But here's the other thing! Not only did these two elope on a beach in Parkville on our lovely Vancouver Island (right below Tigh Na Mara), but they also got married on their own private tidal island, AND THEN rented a freakin' canoe just so they could paddle around at Rathtrevor for some rad pics and reminiscing about past adventures.

So yeah, eloping is pretty awesome and I highly recommend doing so like these three did :)

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