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Climbing Through the Trees and Waterfalls | Errington Elopement

Love, somehow, is always made more powerful by being in the forest or next to flowing water. Maybe it's the fact that the trees celebrate with us, or the way water seems to help carry our worries away, but something about getting into the Pacific Northwest woods just makes everything about life feel more loving and full. So, like always, when Courtney and Tom chose this amazing spot in the forest with incredible waterfalls for their elopement, I was over the moon. They wanted to celebrate their love and growing family amongst the incredible beauty of Vancouver Island.

We captured some beautiful and intimate photos between these two in the forest and then headed up to lovely Little Mountain for the official ceremony.

Courtney also happens to be a silversmith and she made their wedding bands! You can check out more of her work at Wandering Moth Jewelry.

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