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Cliodna, Goddess of the Sea | Empowerment Session

When I rented this dress, I had a vision of movement in the storm- beauty with in the mess of wind and rain and maybe rising sun that so often encapsulates life lived on Vancouver Island. I didn't quite get that vision, but I think I captured something equally perfect.

So here it is- in what has come to feel to me like Morgan channeling Cliodna, the Celtic goddess of the sea, beauty and the afterlife.

It is said that Cliodna was taken by the sea and that every 9th wave is the most powerful and carries her magic with it. We didn't have any waves this day, but maybe that was because Cliodna was right here with us ;)

Model: Mogan Poole

Hair: Teal Bishop at Natural Evolution Salon

Dress: Reclamation

Photography: Innocent Thunder Photography

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