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Eli and Basti | Love in Northern Germany

I met Eli when I was photographing her sister's wedding in Cathedral Grove, BC, Canada. Her sister and I quickly became very good friends, and so, when I was invited to go visit where they grew up in Germany I had to say yes.

So I jumped on a plane and flew to Hamburg. While I was there, I knew I needed to do a couple's session or I going to feel like I missed out on something. Queue Eli and her super cute boyfriend Basti. They were so adorable that these pics were so cute that it took me a month just to choose which ones to send them, let alone the actual editing haha.

Also, I brought the dress Eli is wearing with me, with the intention of me wearing it in some fancy pictures, but I guess this was an ok use for it too haha. Just kidding. It was the perfect use for it :)

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