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Kittens! | The Cutest Baby Session

So a friend of mine's cat had two litters of kittens this year.

That's right. Two. Two litters of numerous adorable baby kitties. And before you freak out, yes, she is getting her spayed as soon as these ones are done nursing.

So I fully missed the first batch when they were babies, which naturally meant that I had to take a bunch of pics of the new litter. Can you blame me? LOOK HOW SWEET AND ADORABLE THEY ARE!! I wasn't allowed to take any home, but Logan (my hubby/ assistant/ second shooter) captured a pic of me covered in these adorable babies and I was in heaven. Liam, the lovely boy at the bottom, also agrees.

But anyway, if you have kittens or puppies and would like pics taken of them, please let me know, cuz the answer is yes! haha

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