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Love on the Sunshine Coast | Sechelt Intimate Wedding

When Covid-19 hit this year, like for all of us, big changes started happening. Obviously one of those big changes was that couples were forced to re-think their wedding day choices, often choosing cancel or postpone their nuptuals. Chelsea and Matt we no exception to this. Their original plan of marrying at Strathcona Lodge was completely scrapped. They decided to cancel all their plans until after things settled down.

But then June hit and things started to open up again. And so, with only three weeks to pull everything together, Chelsea and Matt re-planned their entire day, downsized their guest list, changed their location and, luckily, decided to bring me along for the ride.

Have I mentioned how much. I love to travel? Yeah, It's true. It makes me happier than anything else in this world, especially when I have the pleasure of photographing a couple in a location that is new to me. So, when these two asked me if I would still be willing to photograph their wedding, even though it meant taking a little plane to the sunshine coast, I said HECK YES!! and jumped on that lil sea plane to Sechelt.

I felt so blessed to be a part of this beautiful day, to meet their incredible families, and to also get the chance to stay in the love airbnb they chose to hold their wedding at. I don't think their wedding could have been any more perfect, even if they had months to plan it :)

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