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The Goddess of the Forest | Empowerment Session

I'm finding it hard to find words to describe this session. It took place in one of the most magical and spiritual places for me on the island, and I feel like that mystery kind of comes through in these images. Amber was a goddess and looked so fabulous in this dress.

We had originally planned to hike Mt. Wesley and shoot up there on the cliff edge, but in order to capture the proper lighting for that project at the time we had planned, we needed cloud cover, and instead we managed to catch the only sunny day in weeks- and so we improvised. We improvised and headed to a couple of places not so far away where we were able to capture something very much different than we had originally planned, but equally great. I'm hoping we can make it up the mountain another time with another dress :)

Black and white just felt like it expressed better the vibes we captured at Cameron Lake, as well as the magic of this incredible dress, so I chose to share them over more colour images.

Model: Amber

Dress: Reclamation

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