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Welcome to the

4 Months of Self Love Challenge

Each Wednesday from February- May, we will send you an email with a weekly challenge which relates to the monthly theme. Each weekly challenge will involve looking closely at your life and yourself and will include tips, a recommended activity and information for digging deeper into the challenge.   

Each month will have a giveaway as well as a grande prize at the end of the four months of a free empowerment photo session with Innocent Thunder Photography.  In order to be entered into the monthly giveaway draws, you must participate in at least two of the monthly challenges. In order to enter for the grande prize, you must participate in a minimum of two challenges for at least 2/4 months.  You can participate by either replying to the newsletters with some info about how you completed the challenge, or by doing the same in our Facebook group each week.  The Facebook group is closed so only those involved in the challenge will be able to see!

Our monthly themes will be as follows:

Month 1: Appreciate yourself! 

Month 2: Habits & the Physical Body

Month 3: Friendship & Relationships 

Month 4: Gratitude

Please sign up for our newsletter to join our challenge.

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