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Small Business Branding Photography

Maybe you haven't noticed, but I REALLY enjoy telling stories.  Like a lot. I also have a a massive passion for local and small businesses.  When I can tell the story of local businesses through photography, it throws me over the moon with happiness.  


I understand how important branding can be for a business and I personalize my edits for each small business that decides to work with me.  We develop a vision of what you would like your clients to see before we start the shooting process, ensuring that the images we capture show the personality of you and your business.  Small business branding photography packages range from a single photo sessions to ongoing sessions that allow us to create unique content on a regular basis.  You just tell me what you need and we can make it happen.  

Below are a few examples of what a business branding session with me can look like. 

Businesses from top to bottom:

Island Flower Farmers:

Nyk Danu Yoga:

Jesse Recalma/ Saatlam Arts:

Alan Miceli:

Vancouver Island Inverted Vixens:

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